About us

Perfil.top is a launch and personal Internet establishment platform. It aims to give everyone the opportunity to have their own place in the vast network of the WWW. This concept, founded Perfil.top. Whether is for personal reasons, professional, or any other content, many people want or need to have their brand and space on the Net.
With time, we refined our public to a particular group, since the basic knowledge and passionate interests of our team is within the study of celestial mechanics. So, we narrowed our services to both astronomers and astrologers. Not only we will provide soon professional lodging for such kind of sites, we made as well the implementation of a REST astro API - named Almagest - which allows from simple raw requests to our servers, to calls of our interface options in a simple PHP implementation or in an Wordpress plugin. We hope to improve our resources, and our quality over time, and invest more and more in our creativity and usefulness.

Welcome to Perfil.top :)

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