The system is still on a pre-test phase. Please report any bugs or misconfigurations you find so we can correct them ASAP. Thank you very much :)

Almagest: Astrology REST API Version 1.0

This new astro-api is a long waited tool both for astrologers as for astronomers.
The capabilities offered by it goes from pure simple raw requests to our server for astro information which will be returned in Json format, to a simple Wordpress plugin that can be called within a theme. The possibilities are endless.

Rest Api

The basic raw API request retrieves all the important information regarding a moment in time - taking into account the time zone used - like:

• position of the major celestial bodies and special points - or even stars - in ecliptic and equatorial coordinates, their position on the astrological houses, both in the tropical and sidereal systems.

Planets• general data, like the sun sign, the julian day, the Delta T, the obliquity of the ecliptic, etc. are also provided.

• automatically know if a body has a dignity, is in a triplicity, term or face.

• the bodies and points include the major planets - namely the demoted Pluto to "dwarf planet" - the stars (with an Henry Drapper valid id number), the moon nodes (Rahu and Ketu), Lilith, the ascendant (and all the house cusps), the Syzygy Ante Nativitatem (pre natal moon), the main arabic pars. ( Pars Fortunæ, Pars Futurorum, Pars Veneris, Pars Mercurii, Pars Saturni, Pars Iovis, Pars Martis, Pars Hyleg - Radix Vitæ and Pars Anairetai), and an additional 89 parts.


• in the Hindu system, know immediatly the Janman Nakshatra, Pada, Yoga, Karana, Thiti, and the Navagrahas details, in both the Bhava systems, madhya and sandhi. Have the details of the Dashas and Antar dashas.


Click the image for a "quick steps" tutorial

Not just a plain API...

Visual interface implementation also available as a Wordpress plugin!

Full API 

Install a simple plugin in Wordpress - Tetrabyblos - and you are ready to offer online charts with interpretations - if you wish so - to your users.


Your own reports and interpretations

Within your admin section, you can write the guidelines of your personal interpretations regarding the planets/points on signs or astrological houses, as for the aspects between them. Edit, change, or activate only the interpretations you wish to show focus on.

This option allows you to control, in the interface option, if you want to show your interpretations or not for an astrological map, and to show them to the viewer.

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